What are 3 of the Most Popular Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans?

Medicare Health Insurance policy is liked for its extensive coverage, but it leaves out some crucial gaps. Medicare Supplement Plans are loved for the gaps that they fill in this type of policy. There are 12 plans in total, and each comes with cover for specific gaps. Find out about 3 of the most popular Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 that are available at the moment.

Medicare Supplement Plan F

It is slightly cheaper than Plan J, and offers coverage for just 6 out of the 8 gaps to be found in standard Medicare policies. Only the benefits for “Preventive Care Not Covered by Medicare” and “At Home Recovery” are not paid by this plan. The rest are covered. If you are a senior citizen without a lot of budget but need almost full coverage from Medicare, this plan would suit you the most.

Medicare Supplement Plan G

It is a perfect choice for situations when you need cover for bigger expenses. When there are major expenses which could create financial problems for you without any supplemental coverage. Plan G is best suited. Other than Plan F, it is the only plan to cover medial and associated expenses from Medicare Part B. You can avoid high out-of-pocket expenses from costs exceeding Medicare approval. It is possible to get coverage for hospitalization deductible from Part A, emergency medical assistance during international travel, treatment in a skilled nursing center and entire excess charges from Part B.



Medicare Supplement Plan J

It is costlier than all the other Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 available at the moment. However, for seniors participating in Medicare, it offers the most optimal coverage. Plan J is very popular among customers as it fills all the 8 gaps in conventional Medicare policies, such as Basic Benefits, Part A Deductible, Part B Deductible, Part B Excess (full), Skilled Nursing Facility Coinsurance, At-home Recovery, Foreign Travel Emergency and Preventive Care that Medicare does not cover.

It should be noted that unlike an individual or ordinary group health insurance plan, some annual wellness checkups are not covered by Medicare. The only one among all the Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 that pays all the preventive care visit benefits is Plan J. It stands out from most other policies in the sense that it also offers home recovery time coverage, such as cover for a home visit from some physiotherapist. Senior citizens who need full coverage generally choose Plan J.