Medicare Supplement Plans Vs Medicare Advantage – How To Decide

Taking care of health for seniors after retirement isn’t easy because the older you’re the more health problems you are facing and if you haven’t saved much after retirement you’re on a tight budget. Therefore there is the need to choose wisely Medicare plans that will cover all your healthcare needs without much stress. We all know original Medicare isn’t enough, you have to choose between Medicare advantage and Medicare supplement plans, and it’s not easy to choose between the two. You have to make a lot of comparisons in order to make the right decision.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of both to help you find the one that will suit you the most. Remember one thing though; there is no single best plan but only the one that can meet your health care needs. View all the options available and their benefits, and then choose the one that will cover your healthcare the most.

Advantages Of Adding Medicare Supplement Plans To Your Original Medicare.

Since original Medicare can’t cover all your health care costs there is the need to consider some of the Medicare supplement plans available to help you fill in the gap. Here some of the reason you might consider choosing Medicare supplement plans:

You Can Choose Any Doctor You Want. 

Any doctor that accepts original Medicare will accept you, unlike Medicare advantage where they’re network based.

 No referral.

A referral is not needed before visiting a specialist. Primary care physician isn’t needed.

 You Have Many Options. 

There are 10 plans available to choose from and these plans are the same nationwide. You can only choose a plan that suit your health care needs.

Less Paperwork

Your provider will send all bills to your doctor without you getting involved, unlike Medicare advantage you have to make some copayments to your provider, which means you’re more involved.

 Less out of pocket expenses.

Medicare supplement plans have less out of pocket expenses compared to Medicare advantage.

Advantages Of Medicare Advantage

 Premium Costs Are Lower

Premiums costs for Medicare advantage are less than that of Medicare supplements. The average cost of premium for Medicare supplement is around $200, while Medicare advantage has an average of $100.

Drug Coverage

Medicare advantage can cover your prescription drugs while AARP Medicare Supplement do not cover prescription drugs, you have enroll Medicare part D.

While Medicare advantage has their open period at the end of every year, with Medicare supplement plan the only time you have guaranteed approval is within the first six month after enrolling into Medicare, this is the open enrollment period, when this period is over, you can be rejected due to your health status.

Which Plan Should You Choose?  GET ONE HERE

If you have health problems that require expensive care, it’s better to go with Medicare supplement plans, Even though premiums are higher, it’s the best option for you and there are less out of pocket expenses. On the other hand, if you have fewer health issues and you’re expecting less healthcare costs, then Medicare advantage is the best option to enroll.