Exercises that cannot be missed in the routine of the elderly:

Exercises that cannot be missed in the routine of the elderly:

People of 60 or more years old should practice physical exercise on a regular basis to maintain the ability to move and do things autonomously. According to the expert, physical activity prevents health problems, develops resistance, provides more energy and can help reduce stress, as well as maintain the functional level of the body and distract. To this is added that, if physical activity is done in groups, socialization is enhanced. It is recommended that people do 150 minutes of physical exercise a week which can be distributed in 30 minutes for 5 days, at any time, and that is accompanied by another person. Get 2020 medicare supplement quotes via https://www.medicaresupplementplans2020.com/quotes/

The routine of recommended exercises:

Stretching arms:

Stand with your legs apart, stretch both arms in front. Do not let your arm fall, cross both arms and at the same time bring your hands to the opposite shoulder; stretch your arms in front and bring your hands to your chest.

Exercises to strengthen the shoulder muscle:

With the legs apart and arms close to the body, bend the right elbow slowly bringing the hand to touch the shoulder. Do the exercise with the left arm and then perform the movement with both arms.

Open and close hands:

With your legs apart and your arms in front, open and close your fingers. For this exercise, it is useful to help yourself with a softball. The movements contribute to the mobility and strengthening of the hand.

Circles with the feet:

Sitting on the chair, lift the right foot off the floor and perform circular movements in and out, such as drawing a circle with the tip of the foot. Then do it with your left leg.

Heel lift:

Standing behind a chair and holding the backrest with both legs, raise and lower your heels; Do the movement five to eight times. This exercise offers stability for the joints of your knees and ankles.


Sitting on a chair, stretch your legs in front, and keep them resting on the floor. Lift your feet off the floor and open your legs; take them to the center, then lower them and rest. Repeat five times. Exercises strengthen the muscles of the legs


The practice of physical activity is good because:

– Improve balance and coordination.

– Strengthens bone structures and improves posture.

– It helps to avoid osteoporosis; oxygenates the whole organism.

– Increase the level of confidence and strengthen self-esteem, as well as perception and memory.

– It decreases the risk of coronary disease.

– It helps flexibility and mobility of the joints.

– It reduces depression, helps to relax, and increases overall well-being.