Choosing a Medicare Supplement Plan – 4 Important Questions to Ask

Medicare Supplement Plans, also referred to as Medigap Insurance as these tend to fill the gaps in original insurance plans from Medicare, are very advantageous in many ways. These have been designed to make medical insurance plans complete and provide patients with complete security during treatment. Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 come with lower premiums, deductibles, coinsurances and copayments – and these advantages make them very popular among people today. Here are 4 important questions to ask before choosing this type of plan.

Can I retain my Medicare Part A and B rights?

It is important to ask this, given that although can preserve your rights that are part of Medicare Part B and A, your preferences about doctors and hospitals could be restricted. For instance, in most of the Medicare Advantage plans you are supposed to use a network to obtain your advantages. If you move out of your Medicare network, you might have to pay a greater part of your medical expenses. You might not even get coverage unless there is an emergency.

Can I obtain treatment from the same doctor or hospital?

In case the doctor or hospital of your choice is not a part of the Medicare Advantage network, you will need to consider whether it is worthwhile for you to go for the plan. However, Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 when used with Original Medicare will make you face any network restrictions – as long as your preferred hospital or physician accepts Medicare. In that case, your Medicare Supplement will also be accepted.

Will I continue to receive coverage even outside my area?

When you subscribe to Medicare Supplement Plans 2019, there is only one requirement – that Medicare is accepted by your provider. In that case, everything else will be taken care of by the benefits that you are supposed to get from your plan. In a Medicare Advantage policy, you will receive coverage only for emergencies or in case you are staring at much higher expenses. It is wise to check the summary of your plan benefits to check your actual financial exposure.

Will you get coverage for prescriptions?

Dental or Prescriptions glasses are not covered by Medicare Supplement Plans 2019. You need to get another policy to cover these things. You might not necessarily get these advantages from Medicare Advantage Programs, but will be able to get plans that include some of the advantages in your own plan.