Benefits of Juniper Oil for Seniors

Benefits of Juniper Oil for Seniors


Active ingredients of juniper oil:

Monoterpenes – Juniper oil is rich in monoterpenes, especially pinene. It is to them that the oil owes its antiseptic and analytical properties.

Alkaloids – Juniper oil contains terpineol. This component has a diuretic effect and directly stimulates the kidneys. Therefore, juniper oil should not be used for people with kidney problems.

Esters – One of the varieties of juniper common, growing in the mountains, contains more esters, which has a more pronounced anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties.

Juniper Oil Benefits:

Juniper strengthens nerves, helps fight tensions, anxiety, and anxiety. The unique stimulating and soothing properties of juniper oil make it a good tool to fight against nervous exhaustion and self-doubt.

Juniper helps to fight lymph stagnation and removes toxins from the body of the elderly. It facilitates breathing during respiratory diseases and can also be used to cleanse the skin.

Juniper oil is useful for a weak digestive system, especially in combination with grapefruit oil. It helps remove waste and toxins from the body.

Juniper stimulates the metabolism in our body and is an ideal massage oil for people suffering from rheumatism.

Use the stimulating and cleansing properties of juniper to thoroughly cleanse your body.

Clean the digestive system and the kidneys after excessive drinking or fatty foods with a massage of the abdomen. Mix 3 drops of juniper oil with 7 drops of grapefruit oil and 30 ml of sweet almond oil to remove toxins.

Stimulate the lymphatic system by dripping a few drops of juniper oil onto a sponge during a shower. Massage areas exposed to cellulite with quick movements and be sure you look into Humana Health Insurance 2020 at so you can have the proper coverage.

Usage of Juniper in the Ancient Period:

Juniper was highly valued by the Celtic tribes living in the mountainous part of Europe, they admired the ability of this plant to resist the harsh climate.In Scotland, juniper buds were hung over the door at the entrance to the farm and placed in animals’ stalls on the eve of the May holiday to drive away witches and evil spirits.There has been a tradition amongst the foresters of Wales to always keep juniper trees intact. It was believed that the tree that was cut down would meet its death or be unlucky the whole year.The word “juniper” comes from the Celtic juniprus, which means “to bite.” It was believed that juniper protects against snake bites and other poisonous creatures.